About The Warehouse

     The Warehouse officially opened its doors on October 12, 2002, as an antiques market. Various booths filled this 20,000 sq. ft. building from glassware and antique furniture to stained glass and antique jewelry. In December, 2002, a portion of this building was designated as a lunch area, known as The Lunch Room. Menu items included deli sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and desserts. Many menu items were named after local folks who made an impact on Cleveland. It later became a tradition to rename menu items when local coaches won state championships. In January, 2003, the second floor of The Warehouse became an art gallery. Art shows included many delta artists as well as annual school art shows that displayed the work of local children. The Warehouse building was built around 1901 and was originally known as the The Goyer Company. It was the Sam’s Club of the early years, housing food and supplies for resale to local country stores. In the 1950’s, Sanders Seed acquired the building for the sale of seeds and chemicals. The wooden phone at the front counter was an original used in this building during the time. It was the 1970’s when Nowell Lumber Company purchased the building. As part of the company, this building was used for the storage of building materials. Raymond Huerta and Scott Speakes purchased the building in 2001 and began the renovation you now see today. Over the years, the antiques booths diminished and the seating for The Lunch Room increased. Evening dining began in 2009. Throughout our menu you will notice sandwiches named after coaches and other locals. Take a minute and view our Hall of Fame area dedicated to the accomplishments of these folks. It is our hope that you will enjoy the food, character, and atmosphere as you dine with us. Take a moment to browse through the art gallery, view items in our showcases, look through old yearbooks, and talk to our chefs.